Honeymoon – Mauritius

Isolated on a vibrant and exciting tropical coral reef within the ocean with endless white sandy beaches and roughly a hundred reminder blue within the seas Honeymoon in Mauritius could be a pulsing expertise. Enclosed with the foremost splendid picturesque views – endless of flourishing sugarcane plantations, charming mountains, flowing waterfalls and rainforests edged by cone-bearing trees, Mauritius is a perfect destination for the romantic couple beginning a brand new life. Mauritius, once the housing of the currently destroyed dodo is otherwise choked with the foremost astonishing life, along with some brilliantly hued birds that you just will relish at the sport parks.

Royal Palm Hotel - Grand Baie Mauritius
Royal Palm Hotel – Grand Baie Mauritius

Port Louis, the spirited and active capital with its elegant city district, and also the Mahebourg, the city in section are few of the nice places to unwind and acquire the texture of this captivating land, a hodgepodge of cultures, made traditions and celebrations.

If you’re keen on journey, move to lion monkey for surfing; Rodriguez for the foremost wonderful flip activities; Mt Limon and Mt Malartic for mount, the region Port Mathurin for coastal hiking and Caverne Patate for caving. You’ll conjointly simply sit back, relax on the beaches, and acquire into jollification into the bittie weensy hours of the morning on fashionable and funky beach resorts like Grand Baie, Mon Choisy, St Francois, Trou aux Biches, Trou d’Argent and Petit Gravier or the less in style region of Pereyebere. With of these attractions Mauritius is certain to draw in everybody once more.

Mauritius -Ile Aux Cerfs Tour

Reaching Mauritius

Mauritius is well connected by international airliners and numerous shipping companies. There are varied shipping corporations travel between Mauritius and Reunion

Best season

Mauritius has usual coastal variety of climate and also the temperature is moderate. Neither too hot nor too cold. Winter season is from July to Sep, once relatively dankness and heat are lower and is maybe the best time to go to Mauritius.

Monsoon is usually from Gregorian calendar month to Apr, after you will keep within and show pride of your honeymoon. For journey lovers and once the tide is low are between Dec and March. Folks that love aquatics are urged to travel between Gregorian calendar month and August whereas anglers can have a lot of fun at the massive game fishing that’s available from Gregorian calendar month to Apr.


There is an awfully wide selection of lodging in Mauritius, and you’ll create a selection from elite-class lavish hotels to lower priced hotels and boarding homes. It very depends what proportion you’re keen to pay. Take a Honeymoon packages for Mauritius and start your new life in a great fashion.


Honeymoons in Mauritius

There aren’t several occasions in life that might match the romance and splendor of honeymoons – those extraordinary periods of life that square measure marked in gold for the remainder of living reminiscences aren’t to be taken gently. that is exactly why honeymoons in Mauritius have mature in prominence over the years, with such a big amount of a large amount of couples selecting the island over many of the opposite attractions that contend for the eye of couples from round the world.

Port Louis Mauritius

Honeymoons in Mauritius square measure special therein they prove to be a cultural expertise to reckon with, alongside being a romantic escapade into the geographic region. The gorgeous locations that are created by raw nature, untouched by human interference, so to say, square measure a treat to eyes, adding to the sensory amusement of honeymoons in Mauritius. Mauritius forms a part of the cluster of islands, as well as Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues, Agalega islands, and Mascarene Islands, providing you with voluminous alternative in terms of selection and fun. And yes, you’ll make sure to expertise distinctive cultural experiences in each a part of the state that you simply visit.

The second name for honeymoons in Mauritius is comfort and unmatched luxury, due to the host of facilities and amenities that have evolved over the years to produce quality diversion and cordial reception. The coast is well adorned with measured excellence displayed by architectures that raise the individuality of the region, with each major name within the cordial reception business making associate aura that matches the most effective within the business. A number of the large names that have created a following for themselves with their consistent services embrace the Paradis building and Golf Club, La Pirogue, and also the Shandrani Resort.

Honeymoon packages to Mauritius
Mauritius Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoons in Mauritius have the waterfront gap up right at your doorsteps, giving an impressive read of the huge oceans that keep lashing against the lupus Morne Mountain, rising and falling with the vagaries of tides. The crystal clear waters and also the sprawling beaches prove to be simply the sketch that you simply may have return up with within the realms of your fantasies.

If you’ll raise them, a number of the tantalizing foods that treat your surface with authentic flavor oozing get in each morsel, alongside impeccable cordial reception that has been tailored to suit needs the wants} and exacting requirements of tourists from round the world, honeymoons in Mauritius would prove to be rather more than what you’ll have asked for throughout the special moments of life.

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Mauritius Honeymoon Tours – Top 3 Places Worth To Visit

Mauritius, the word evokes everyone’s mind with stunning imaginations of beaches dotted with swaying coconut trees, soft sands, charming and lovely look places and most of all amiable climates. Well if you’re progressing to celebrate your honeymoon holidays to create it romantic and unforgettable, Mauritius is that the excellent place for you. Its attractive attractions have left everybody spell-bound and if you’re visiting 1st time hold the one you love hand tightly or see can go crazy with the romantic ambiance of Mauritius that exhibits the elation of heaven on earth.

Honeymoon packages to Mauritius
Mauritius Honeymoon Destination

Once writer labelled viewing the sweetness of Mauritius with “Mauritius was created 1st so viewing it Heaven was created”. Therefore you’re certainly aiming to get hooked with the attractive commercial enterprise attraction of this country that is not any but a heaven on earth. Come back to the present Island Paradise and provides your honeymoon a brand new stroke with treasuring stunning and unforgettable recollections to relish in forever.

On your Mauritius honeymoon tour you’ll take the one you love to a number of the fascinating commercial enterprise destinations among that the highest are listed below.

Port Louis: Port Louis is that the capital town of Mauritius and is one in every of the foremost scintillating commercial enterprise destinations that are visited by thousands and many honeymoon couples from across the planet. it’s one in every of the foremost most well-liked honeymoon destinations as here couples will have rattling time discovering the made culture and traditions, get pleasure from fun-filled and thrilling water sports and activities like Kayaking, Windsurfing, subsurface Walking, basking within the sun and lots of different fascinating activities are often enjoyed along. Excluding all couples may get pleasure from visit to Museums and choose searching within the active markets and stores in Port Louis to require back home countless memento of visit to Port Louis on Mauritius Honeymoon.

Port louis
Port louis


Port Louis Beach

Grand Baie Beach: Grand Baie Beach was once the village however nowadays it’s one in every of the foremost fascinating beach resorts in Mauritius. It’s thought of to be leisure paradise wherever couples will get pleasure from intimate time of affection and pleasure being along. New wed couples may choose searching, get pleasure from delicious delicacies within the exotic restaurants, discos and pubs and revel in intimate time of affection being along.

Royal Palm Hotel - Grand Baie Mauritius
Royal Palm Hotel – Grand Baie Mauritius

Ile Aux Cerfs: Ile Aux Cerfs could be a true Paradise Island that has countless scintillating beaches excellent for to get pleasure from leisure vacation in addition as fun-filled beach activities. Here couples will get pleasure from varied exciting water sports like glass-bottomed boat tour, water scooters tour, gliding, and lots of different activities. Here couples will get pleasure from romantic nonce along and have countless fun to feature outstanding recollections to honeymoon in Mauritius.

Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius


ile-aux-cerfs Mauritius
Ile aux cerfs Mauritius

Apart from of these there are several different nice commercial enterprise destinations in Mauritius that also are favorable for honeymoon holidays (many travel agency provides Mauritius honeymoon package). Therefore come back and revel in intimate time of affection and pleasure during this nature blessed Mauritius the Island Paradise in South East Asia and revel in the foremost romantic a part of your life, the honeymoon holidays in an exceedingly romantic and unforgettable manner.

Fun Facts About Mauritius

A racial Society

The Dodo

Did you know– impressed by the Dodo, an unusual person found solely on Mauritius within the seventeenth century, author printed his famed book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in 1865. This distinctive bird is that the image of Mauritius, one in all the foremost stunning Islands on Earth.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India


Did you knowMauritius could be a leaf-shaped island within the south West Indian Ocean. The country covers 700 sq. miles (2,045 sq. kilometers). The Island – a nation slightly smaller than Delaware– is dominated by mountains, rain forests, valleys and 2 lakes (Grand Bassin and also the Mare aux Vacoas).Finally, the Republic of Mauritius has Associate in nursing exceptional natural beauty.

Life Expectancy

Did you know– anticipation is seventy three years (among the best of the world’s developing countries).


Did you know– Mauritius — with African, British, French (the island’s earliest noted inhabitants), Chinese and Indian roots– is blessed one in all the world’s most stunning beaches. It’s a tropical Eden encircled by golden beaches and first resorts. Attributable to this, among others reasons, thousands of tourists, from the u. s., France, South Africa to Sweden and Japan, came to the country, one in all the foremost superb islands on the earth, beside Hawaii, Bali, Okinawa, and also the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. additionally to having spectacular beaches, Mauritius offers different attractions, from wonderful French cooking to national parks, ism traditions, historic sites, African gardens, museums, and life refuges (a range of untamed animals and vegetation exist obscurity else within the world). Over ten pick of the Island’s territory consists of protected areas. There also are free-trade zones. Finally, the Island, since then, is legendary for its cordial reception.

World-famous guests

Did you know- By 1912 spiritual leader – one in all the largest names in fashionable history– visited the Island.

Port Louis

Did you know– port is that the capital of Mauritius. It had been originated in 1736 by France. The capital is home to up to forty pack of the Island’s population. The country’s different cities embrace Beau Bassin/Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, and Vacoas-Phoenix.

African Wonders

Did you know-There are a unit a minimum of 2 World Heritage Sites on Mauritius:

Aapravasi staircase

Le Morne Cultural Landscape


Did you know– By the top of 1975, at the twenty fourth Miss World Pageant within the uk, Miss Mariella Tse-Sik -Sun, the Island’s contestant, caught the eyes of the international judges and was one in all the highest fifteen semi-finalists.


Did you know– By the Nineteen Seventies and Nineteen Eighties, whereas geographical area had a bunch of dictatorships, from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina to Panama and Republic of Paraguay, Mauritius became a democratic society on the continent of continent. Additionally to being one in all the Continent’s oldest democracies, the Island is one in all the world’s longest continuous democracies, beside India, America, France, Canada, and nice United Kingdom. This English-speaking country additionally incorporates a sensible human rights record.

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Choose Mauritius As Honeymoon Destination

For honeymooners, selecting a destination isn’t clear sailing because the couple might have completely different preferences and likes. One partner might like restful beach holidays and also the different might like the hustle and bustle of town destinations, nightclubs and looking as opposition restful on a beach for two or three weeks.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India

With an extended honeymoon and a multi destination honeymoon you’ll unfold your wings and knowledge a special culture, country and sort of honeymoon.

Multi center honeymoons provide nice flexibility. Couples will opt for wherever they need to travel and the way long they keep in every destination. You will need to pay five nights on a tropical location like Mauritius and pay the rest of the vacation within the town or on hunting expedition in continent. With this kind of vacation you’ll much go anyplace within the world. looking on however long you escape for and wherever you want to travel, you and your partner can be lying sunbathing on a beach in Mauritius one week and enjoying looking in port or enjoying the attractive golf courses of African country following. It’s this flexibility that produces the multi-center honeymoon terribly appealing.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India

Although multi center honeymoons will be quite costly, they’ll conjointly work for honeymooners who are on a budget. Looking on what quantity you’ll afford, a twin center honeymoon destination is cheap and not only for the terribly moneyed. Travel Agents conjointly typically do terribly cheap twin center honeymoon packages that cater for many budgets around thus it is vital to seem around and check out to seek out the most effective worth twin-center honeymoon choices.

Honeymoon packages to Mauritius

Although romantic and exotic multi center destinations might not attractiveness to any or all recently wed couples, they’re definitely price considering particularly if you wish a vacation thereupon unique one thing and one you will not forget in a very hurry.

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Port Louis A Honeymoon Destination

In the west of Mauritius, sheltering beneath the protecting territory of the Moka formation lays the capital town of national capital. This city, that is that the largest on the island and is additionally the most port, was supported in 1735 by the French and named in honor of their king, Louis XV. Because of its strategic location it became a vital armed service base for the French fleet; 100 years later the British, recognizing its powerful position, designed Fort Adelaide, or a lot of unremarkably La Citadelle, on one in every of the hilltops dominating the port and town.

Hotel of Port Louis

Port Louis is additionally home to the national hat, the Champ First State Mars that lays claim to being the second oldest course within the hemisphere also as being the oldest within the Indian Ocean; no tiny exploit for associate degree island with a complete space of simply 2040 km. Throughout the athletics season, thousands of individuals, locals and tourists alike, throng to the course to look at the dear thoroughbreds thundering down the track and a lot of typically than not, to form a wager on the result.

Honeymoon packages for Mauritius

The Caudan city district, that is one in every of the cleanest harbors within the ocean, is home to associate degree exciting array of outlets and restaurants also as a cinema advanced and even a casino. On the commercial enterprise facet of the Caudan coin, the port is that the largest instrumentation handling facility within the ocean and comes second solely to metropolis within the entire African region.

There are a unit 3 main museums in Port Louis: the Mauritius explanation depository whereby may be found a stuffed dodo, the Blue Penny depository and therefore the Mauritius Stamp depository, all of that area unit well price a visit. Chinatown, that is concerning 10 minutes’ go away from the city district, shows the colorful Chinese social group that is alive and flourishing in Mauritius: authentic Chinese culinary art, historically dressed old Chinese folks and little, beguiling outlets whose brilliantly lit red and gold interiors can provoke even the foremost hardened of pedestrians sure a more in-depth look.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India

Almost everyone can agree that the Place D’Armes is that the best place to start out any tour of the town because it is that the convergence purpose of all traffic from the north and south. With its tall, palm lined avenue, an astonishingly harmonious mix of contemporary and colonial design and additionally the oldest theater within the ocean, this space is saturated each visually and traditionally.

For the prospect to haggle and cut price over Mauritian craft and handicraft there’s no higher place than the national capital Bazaar. Jars of explosive chillies from Rodrigues Island, brilliantly colored sarongs, fine carven wood ornaments, coral jewelery and hand-woven baskets from Rodrigues area unit simply a couple of the attractions to be found within the bazaar. Though shopping for isn’t on your agenda, it’s a stimulating and pleasing market around that to wander.

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Mauritius Holiday Packages Attractions

Mauritius is surprisingly lovely then is that the reason why it’s visited by millions and ample tourists from across the remote corner of the globe. Its scintillating close, impressive beaches with pristine clear ocean waters, made marine life and also the astounding looking at spots really build Mauritius a paradise on earth that provide guests rattling chance to relish vacations in an exceedingly pleasant and unforgettable means.


Mauritius is presented with scores of fascinating beaches which provide guests to relish unforgettable time on shore basking within the sun or indulgence in fun-filled water sports and activities in an exceedingly pleasant and unforgettable means. Thanks to the attractive charm and splendor of the scenic beaches, Mauritius in South East Indies has become associate picture destinations the supply one and every one to relish vacations in an exceedingly pleasant and unforgettable means, treasuring scores of romantic and attractive reminiscences to relish in forever. A number of the notable and standard beaches in state that square measure price to go to and explore square measure young woman Mare, Blue Bay, Grand Baie, Flic linear unit Flac, Pereybere, etc.

Honeymoon packages for Mauritius

Apart from the scintillating and serene beaches, state is additionally very hip for its scintillating looking at spots and enigmatic commercial enterprise attractions. A number of the highest commercial enterprise attractions that tourists like to visit and explore similarly as most of the Mauritius vacation packages covers square measure listed below:

Port Louis Port Louis is that the vibratory capital town of Mauritius and is thought for its enigmatic commercial enterprise attractions that’s one in every of its types within the whole world. Its scintillating attractions, fascinating charm and also the very good astounding attractions ne’er fail to impress the guts of the guests World Health Organization return from across the globe for tours and travels. Return and explore the scintillating attractions and take back home outstanding reminiscences to relish in forever.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India

IIe Aux Cerfs Island IIe Aux Cerfs Island could be a picturesque Island destination in Mauritius that offers tourists to relish unforgettable time on the serene and scintillating close. Its enigmatic commercial enterprise attractions and also the magnetizing charm ne’er fail to impress the guts of the guests World Health Organization return from across the globe Mauritius tour or Mauritius honeymoon tours.

Black watercourse Saint George Black watercourse George is additionally the prime commercial enterprise attraction of Mauritius that is aimed of saving the natural resources and also the natural vegetation that build these island vital commercial enterprise attractions. Its historical ruins conjointly build it an excellent place of traveler interest.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India

Beside these Mauritius is additionally very hip for journey tours, jungle expedition, hiking and trekking activities, ocean and water activities, submarine tours and far a lot of. Really scope of commercial enterprise is on the far side imagination and here traveler finds quite their expectation on their tour to Mauritius.

So what square measure you looking ahead to? This fascinating and attractive Mauritius is looking ahead to your arrival and is thirstily waiting for you to embrace you and provide you with outstanding to relish unforgettable present here. Thus do not let this unforgettable time flee from hand and are available here by booking one from the numerous Mauritius honeymoon packages from Delhi and luxuriate in vacations in an exceedingly pleasant and unforgettable means.