Honeymoon – Mauritius

Isolated on a vibrant and exciting tropical coral reef within the ocean with endless white sandy beaches and roughly a hundred reminder blue within the seas Honeymoon in Mauritius could be a pulsing expertise. Enclosed with the foremost splendid picturesque views – endless of flourishing sugarcane plantations, charming mountains, flowing waterfalls and rainforests edged by cone-bearing trees, Mauritius is a perfect destination for the romantic couple beginning a brand new life. Mauritius, once the housing of the currently destroyed dodo is otherwise choked with the foremost astonishing life, along with some brilliantly hued birds that you just will relish at the sport parks.

Royal Palm Hotel - Grand Baie Mauritius
Royal Palm Hotel – Grand Baie Mauritius

Port Louis, the spirited and active capital with its elegant city district, and also the Mahebourg, the city in section are few of the nice places to unwind and acquire the texture of this captivating land, a hodgepodge of cultures, made traditions and celebrations.

If you’re keen on journey, move to lion monkey for surfing; Rodriguez for the foremost wonderful flip activities; Mt Limon and Mt Malartic for mount, the region Port Mathurin for coastal hiking and Caverne Patate for caving. You’ll conjointly simply sit back, relax on the beaches, and acquire into jollification into the bittie weensy hours of the morning on fashionable and funky beach resorts like Grand Baie, Mon Choisy, St Francois, Trou aux Biches, Trou d’Argent and Petit Gravier or the less in style region of Pereyebere. With of these attractions Mauritius is certain to draw in everybody once more.

Mauritius -Ile Aux Cerfs Tour

Reaching Mauritius

Mauritius is well connected by international airliners and numerous shipping companies. There are varied shipping corporations travel between Mauritius and Reunion

Best season

Mauritius has usual coastal variety of climate and also the temperature is moderate. Neither too hot nor too cold. Winter season is from July to Sep, once relatively dankness and heat are lower and is maybe the best time to go to Mauritius.

Monsoon is usually from Gregorian calendar month to Apr, after you will keep within and show pride of your honeymoon. For journey lovers and once the tide is low are between Dec and March. Folks that love aquatics are urged to travel between Gregorian calendar month and August whereas anglers can have a lot of fun at the massive game fishing that’s available from Gregorian calendar month to Apr.


There is an awfully wide selection of lodging in Mauritius, and you’ll create a selection from elite-class lavish hotels to lower priced hotels and boarding homes. It very depends what proportion you’re keen to pay. Take a Honeymoon packages for Mauritius and start your new life in a great fashion.


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