Fun Facts About Mauritius

A racial Society

The Dodo

Did you know– impressed by the Dodo, an unusual person found solely on Mauritius within the seventeenth century, author printed his famed book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in 1865. This distinctive bird is that the image of Mauritius, one in all the foremost stunning Islands on Earth.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages from India


Did you knowMauritius could be a leaf-shaped island within the south West Indian Ocean. The country covers 700 sq. miles (2,045 sq. kilometers). The Island – a nation slightly smaller than Delaware– is dominated by mountains, rain forests, valleys and 2 lakes (Grand Bassin and also the Mare aux Vacoas).Finally, the Republic of Mauritius has Associate in nursing exceptional natural beauty.

Life Expectancy

Did you know– anticipation is seventy three years (among the best of the world’s developing countries).


Did you know– Mauritius — with African, British, French (the island’s earliest noted inhabitants), Chinese and Indian roots– is blessed one in all the world’s most stunning beaches. It’s a tropical Eden encircled by golden beaches and first resorts. Attributable to this, among others reasons, thousands of tourists, from the u. s., France, South Africa to Sweden and Japan, came to the country, one in all the foremost superb islands on the earth, beside Hawaii, Bali, Okinawa, and also the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. additionally to having spectacular beaches, Mauritius offers different attractions, from wonderful French cooking to national parks, ism traditions, historic sites, African gardens, museums, and life refuges (a range of untamed animals and vegetation exist obscurity else within the world). Over ten pick of the Island’s territory consists of protected areas. There also are free-trade zones. Finally, the Island, since then, is legendary for its cordial reception.

World-famous guests

Did you know- By 1912 spiritual leader – one in all the largest names in fashionable history– visited the Island.

Port Louis

Did you know– port is that the capital of Mauritius. It had been originated in 1736 by France. The capital is home to up to forty pack of the Island’s population. The country’s different cities embrace Beau Bassin/Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, and Vacoas-Phoenix.

African Wonders

Did you know-There are a unit a minimum of 2 World Heritage Sites on Mauritius:

Aapravasi staircase

Le Morne Cultural Landscape


Did you know– By the top of 1975, at the twenty fourth Miss World Pageant within the uk, Miss Mariella Tse-Sik -Sun, the Island’s contestant, caught the eyes of the international judges and was one in all the highest fifteen semi-finalists.


Did you know– By the Nineteen Seventies and Nineteen Eighties, whereas geographical area had a bunch of dictatorships, from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina to Panama and Republic of Paraguay, Mauritius became a democratic society on the continent of continent. Additionally to being one in all the Continent’s oldest democracies, the Island is one in all the world’s longest continuous democracies, beside India, America, France, Canada, and nice United Kingdom. This English-speaking country additionally incorporates a sensible human rights record.

I gave you all the information so that you can enjoy your Honeymoon packages in Mauritius without any fear.


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